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    Seasoned TMT Strategist, Andrew Mendoza, joins the Nonvoice Agency
      |  02/17/2021

    The latest signing is none other than well-known TMT Strategist, Andrew Mendoza. Andrew is also Chief Strategy Officer of Inception VR which developed the leading Augmented Reality app, Bookful...

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    Reality Clash joins Nonvoice 5G mobile apps portfolio
      |  02/10/2020

    Nonvoice Agency has added mobile AR combat game Reality Clash to its 5G apps portfolio after entering a global partnership with publisher Reality Gaming Group. Reality Clash is an action-packed and innovative multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game that combines mobile AR and in-game digital asset trading using blockchain technology...

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    Latest signings take Nonvoice to 40+ agents globally
      |  02/05/2021

    The momentum at the Nonvoice Agency is showing no sign of slowing down as more and more industry experts and professionals around the world sign-up to become agents. The team is now more than 40 agents and people signing up each week to help with the current Nonvoice portfolio as well as expanding on this with their regional app recommendations.

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    Nonvoice Agency launches venture capital fund to invest in 5G and AR start-ups
      |  02/01/2021

    Nonvoice, the world’s first agency dedicated to the 5G app market, announces today that it has launched its first venture capital fund, Nonvoice Ventures, to invest in start-ups with world-class innovative consumer and enterprise 5G and Augmented Reality (AR) apps.

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    Nonvoice takes on Mixed Reality app XO by Upside
      |  01/27/2021

    The Nonvoice agency, which specialises in representing world class 5G app developers, announces today that it has signed up the innovative XO Mixed Reality multiplayer game designed by digital innovation studio, Upside. The game is based on the basic principles of Tic-Tac-Toe (also known as Noughts and Crosses) and enables players to visualize their moves in 3D.

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    Nonvoice announces recent additions to 5G Agent Network
      |  01/19/2021

    January 19th 2021, Florida, USA – As the world’s first agency for 5G apps, Nonvoice is always on the lookout for key individuals and industry experts to join their agency network. With ambitious plans to have a Nonvoice agent in every country around the world, the agency is attracting a lot of interest from industry professionals wanting to get involved and join this unique opportunity.

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    US-based mobile guru Ville Penttila jumps on the Nonvoice bandwagon
      |  01/05/2021

    Since opening its doors in July 2020, Nonvoice Agency has seen immense growth and interest in its activities as the one and only agency dedicated to 5G apps. As previously reported, many telecommunications experts have signed up as Nonvoice agents...

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    TangibleXR adds Spatial Computing expertise to Nonvoice Agents
      |  12/14/2020

    Nonvoice Agency, the world’s first agency for 5G apps, announces today that it has strengthened its Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality expertise and its position within the European market with the signing of mobile communications heavyweights, Jesse Bijl and Thomas Vits from TangibleXR, as Nonvoice agents...

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    Nonvoice signs up Topio Networks as the first Enterprise app to join the agency
      |  12/09/2020

    Nonvoice, the world's first agency dedicated to 5G apps, announces today that it signed up Topio Networks and their Enterprise app, Topio Use Case Radar. By joining the agency, Topio Networks will have access to Nonvoice's global distribution channels to grow its unique product's success...

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    Top Augmented Reality App Leo AR joins Nonvoice Agency
      |  12/01/2020

    The world’s first 5G app agency, Nonvoice, announces today that it has signed the number one Augmented Reality (AR) app, Leo AR, to their quality stable of “best in class apps”. By signing up with the Nonvoice Agency, Leo AR will be able to increase their distribution via the Nonvoice global operator partnerships...

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    Nonvoice further expands its Agent Network to address 5G growth Opportunities
      |  11/13/2020

    The market for 5G apps and innovations is growing daily with mobile operators and telecommunications networks around the world wanting to ensure that they have options available to suit their customers’ wants and needs...

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    Nonvoice Agency scores a goal with the World League Live app by Proxy42
      |  11/04/2020

    Nonvoice is pleased to announce today the signing of new client, Proxy42, the first social Augmented Reality (AR) platform for casual and competitive mobile gaming. Nonvoice will be assisting with securing distribution and investment for their innovative new World League Live app...

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    Nonvoice Expands Agent Team to Address 5G Market Growth
      |  10/16/2020

    With new 5G launches and initiatives happening daily around the world, Nonvoice has added several more industry experts to its agent team. As the only agency dedicated to offering direct access to ‘Best in Class’ 5G apps, industry experts are flocking to the offer their expertise to the agency’s app developer clients...

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    GIZER launches mobile browser-based version of its esports service
      |  10/12/2020

    Nonvoice Agency client, GIZER, the competitive gaming infrastructure platform that makes games social with feature rich gameplay, announces today the launch of a browser-based version of its popular esports service...

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    "Ask the Expert" Q&A with Simon Buckingham on 5G Applications
      |  10/08/2020

    We interviewed Simon Buckingham, founder of Nonvoice, the world’s first 5G app agency, to gain insight from someone who is actively working with 5G developers to learn how developers can take advantage of what 5G has to offer...