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Serouno Group set their sights on world domination with the help of Nonvoice


October 8th 2021, Florida, USA – the latest Company looking to exploit Nonvoice Agency’s unrivalled global network of telecommunications companies and experienced agents is Serouno Group who specialize in enhancing the sports fan experience for mobile phone users around the world. The new partnership with the global 5G app agency will provide direct access to a large user base.

The sports platform that has been developed by Serouno Group provides sports fan with the ultimate experience to support their favorite sport(s). “It is like walking into a virtual shopping mall dedicated to your sports team,” explains Co-Founder and CEO Serouno Group, Xavier Canton. “When you visit a store, you can access everything you could ever ask for such as: Live Streaming of events, AD Games, team merchandise, ticket sales as well as being able to organise your travel to a live sporting event. A one stop ecosystem where the fan would be able to do everything in just one place”.

“In essence the Serouno platform acts as a full-service sports agency for fans with all access 24/7, where you can tell them what it is that you need and if it isn’t already available then they will make it happen,” adds Nonvoice Founder and CEO, Simon Buckingham.

Nonvoice has seen an increase in enterprise apps looking for representation from the agency alongside the more recognizable consumer apps. Some of these include VYRCH, the first full service Mixed Reality (XR) platform for online retail; Spectral DSP, proprietary waveform modulation baseband software for handsets and network towers and PowerMarket which provides solar energy solutions.

About Nonvoice

Nonvoice Agency is a network of agents searching for the best advanced consumer and enterprise 5G apps from around the world. The agency connects app developers with distributors and investors who then help accelerate the adoption and deployment of their application. Nonvoice Agency provides an ecosystem of key parties dedicated to the 5G value chain and the future benefits that these services will bring to the world.

Founder, Simon Buckingham, is available for expert commentary on 5G applications.

About Serouno

Serouno Group is a social sport media company building the next-generation sports fan powered app with a complete fan oriented experience. The new app (IOS, Android and webapp) establishes an accessible interactive distribution platform for the fans to develop and distribute editorials via own platform and share, highlight videos, digital & physical ítems marketplace, podcasts & live radio, and forthcoming content formats. Essentially a dedicated ecosystem that is built for the fan, by the fan.

Says Xavier Canton, CEO of the Serouno Group, "I could not be more excited for the future of fan engagement, particularly how we are able to leverage the emerging digital world to drive greater fan appreciation and engagement. Serouno’s goal is to establish long-term digital fan engagement solutions and feel Nonvoice is the premier solution partner to help make our vision a reality."

For more information visit: www.serouno.com

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