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    Nonvoice signs partnership with Vrombr Remote Reality Racing
      |  09/28/2021

    Pioneering Remote Reality Racing Game, Vrombr announced today that they have signed up to the Nonvoice Agency, the world’s first 5G app agency, to help take their No.1 gaming app to the world. As part of the new deal, Vrombr will have access to Nonvoice’s global distribution channels that cover all regions of the world as well as the wealth of knowledge and expertise within the Nonvoice agent network.

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    5G App Portal Nonvoice Alive launches worldwide
      |  09/08/2021

    Nonvoice, the globally 5G app agency, is launching its first dedicated 5G app portal, Nonvoice Alive. The portal provides network operators around the world with direct access to high quality 5G consumer apps to start generating revenues from 5G devices and data plans.

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    Nonvoice launches AdCoop a cross-promotional ad network for app developers
      |  08/25/2021

    Nonvoice, the agency dedicated to helping 5G app developers, announces today the launch of AdCoop, a specially designed ecosystem for consumer app developers that encourages mutual cross-promotion of apps based on a barter-style system. One of the biggest challenges that app developers face is having to build a base of app downloads and installations due to the associated cost of buying ad installations...

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    AIDAR’s LMS platform is using 5G to revolutionise the traditional training market
      |  08/12/2021

    Nonvoice is pleased to announce today that they have entered into a representation agreement with AIDAR. The world’s first 5G app agency welcomes the AIDAR platform to its Enterprise offering with their innovative solution that provides employee training support using the new technologies of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

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    Game changer volumetric video platform Omnivor goes next level with Nonvoice
      |  08/03/2021

    Nonvoice is announcing today that they have signed up volumetric video experts, Omnivor to their network of app developers. The Omnivor platform is a unique proposition that using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to enable a real time, holographic face-to-face experience that viewers can control themselves therefore making it truly immersive, engaging and personalized.

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    Popular AR/VR Gelocation mobile game “Mythical Wars” signs up to Nonvoice Agency
      |  07/26/2021

    The leading agency for 5G apps, Nonvoice, announces today that it has signed-up social media favourite and free2play geolocation mobile game “Mythical Wars” by Slavic Monsters. The new game joins a host of other titles within the agency that include augmented reality (AR) technology.

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    Latest Nonvoice signing has big plans to install solar panels on 5G network towers
      |  14/07/2021

    Nonvoice, the world’s first 5G app agency, announces the signing today of its newest client, PowerMarket who has developed a turn-key solar asset management platform that allows 5G network operators to fully control the process of solar power management that will save them up to 90% of their time and resources.

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    Caribu joins Nonvoice with the No. 1 Storytime App for Families
      |  01/06/2021

    Nonvoice, has attracted the increasingly popular and award-winning children’s interactive video-calling app, Caribu, to join its portfolio of “Best in Class” apps. Caribu, named one of the 15 best apps in the world by Apple in 2020, makes it possible for families to play games, read, and draw together in a video-call no matter how far apart they are.

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    Nonvoice Agency fills gap in market with enterprise and business app services
      |  01/01/2021

    When the Nonvoice agency launched in July 2020, it was hailed as the world's first 5G app agency. The founder of the agency, mobile guru Simon Buckingham, originally expected the agency to focus on consumer app developers. Nonvoice does represent many award-winning and innovative consumer apps...

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    Nonvoice announces partnership with Waveform disrupters Spectral DSP
      |  06/25/2021

    Nonvoice, the world’s first 5G app agency, has announced today their newest partnership with Spectral DSP who recently launched their PAPR (peak-to-average power ratio) that offers a breakthrough in Waveform technology. Officially called the “Spectral DSP SC-OFDM” Waveform (Spectral DSP), this service will make 5G development easier and more cost effective to telecommunications operators....

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    Latin American developers of the innovative AR/VR VYRCH shopping platform join the Nonvoice Agency
      |  06/21/2021

    Nonvoice, is announcing today their latest app developer signing, MondoDX, the creators of VYRCH, the first full service XR platform for online retail shopping. The Nonvoice agency will be helping MondoDX to expand the reach of VYRCH beyond Latin America and into yet untapped regions.

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    Indian-based Telco Domain expert Parag Modi is latest super-advisor signing for Nonvoice
      |  06/03/2021

    Nonvoice, the world’s first agency for 5G apps has been going from strength to strength since opening its doors in July 2020. App developers have been regularly signing up for representation and advisors are joining around the world on a weekly basis. One of the latest advisor signings being announced today is the India-based Telco domain expert, Parag Modi...

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    Nonvoice partners with ground-breaking live video shopping service, Confer With
      |  05/26/2021

    Nonvoice Agency, the world’s first 5G app agency, today announces the signing of a partnership agreement with a new enterprise service, Confer With. Confer With provides a unique online customer service experience enabling shoppers to receive retail advice by video and all items are instantly shoppable within that video call which is shown to produce higher conversion rates from retailers...

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    Nonvoice agency network continues its rapid growth in Q2
      |  05/21/2021

    The World’s First Agency for 5G apps, Nonvoice, is continuing its upward trajectory with more and more agents signing up to be a part of the exclusive network. Since our last update, the agency has now surpassed 70 agent representatives from every region of the world helping app developers in their own regions and beyond.

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    Fantasy Sports & MarTech Platform Extends Global Agency Partnership
      |  05/13/2021

    Fantasy Sports Platform Developer has expanded its partnership with bespoke 5G & AR global agency The deal is an extension of their capital raise agreement forged in August of 2020. Under the terms of the new agreement, StatementGames will work with Nonvoice Agents in areas of distribution...

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    Nonvoice app developers ready for Nreal market with proven popular apps
      |  05/06/2021

    Nonvoice, the world’s first agency for 5G apps, is positioned to help telecommunications companies to source suitable content that can be used on the Nreal Light Augmented Reality (AR) glasses by providing access to best in class apps that have a proven track record and are popular with consumers.

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    Nonvoice Agency leverages 50+ Telco relationships globally for 5G apps developers
      |  04/29/2021

    The telecommunications industry is ever evolving as advancements in technology enable app developers to create ever more innovative solutions to engage with mobile phone users. However, not every app makes it past the development phase. This can be for a myriad of reasons but often it is due to the lack of relationships with Telcos and essentially access to the important end mobile users.

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    Sir Linkalot are latest Education app to join with the Nonvoice Agency
      |  04/23/2021

    The World’s first agency dedicated to 5G apps announces today that they have signed up another award-winning educational app, Sir Linkalot, to expand the channel that already includes popular apps such as Bookful and Leo AR. The Sir Linkalot app boasts almost instant results and improvements thanks to the multi-sensory functionality that has been developed to help students of all ages.

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    Nonvoice continues to add specialist expertise from around the world to agent network
      |  04/15/2021

    The Nonvoice Agency has not missed a beat since opening its doors in July last year attracting industry experts to join the World’s First Agency for 5G apps on a weekly basis. The Agency now has representatives in all corners of the globe working with app developers and telecommunications operators to maximise opportunities for the 5G networks in their regions.

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    ML Powered User Engagement Platform, Let’s Cooee, becomes latest partner to join Nonvoice
      |  04/06/2021

    Let’s Cooee, the hyper personalized user engagement platform powered by Machine Learning is the latest partner to join Nonvoice, the world’s first agency dedicated to 5G apps. Designed by industry experts, the Let’s Cooee service is focused on solving a major problem within the apps market – user engagement...

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    Fred Thuard becomes latest mobile maestro to join the Nonvoice Agency
      |  03/26/2021

    Nonvoice, the world’s first agency for 5G apps, has added another heavyweight agent to their network in the form of Fred Thuard, a well-known mobile maestro with an impressive skill set. Fred’s particular expertise is in offering specialist knowledge, developing scaling up opportunities and providing strategic deployment advice...

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    Reality Clash joins Nonvoice 5G mobile apps portfolio
      |  02/10/2020

    Nonvoice Agency has added mobile AR combat game Reality Clash to its 5G apps portfolio after entering a global partnership with publisher Reality Gaming Group. Reality Clash is an action-packed and innovative multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game that combines mobile AR and in-game digital asset trading using blockchain technology...

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    Latest signings take Nonvoice to 40+ agents globally
      |  02/05/2021

    The momentum at the Nonvoice Agency is showing no sign of slowing down as more and more industry experts and professionals around the world sign-up to become agents. The team is now more than 40 agents and people signing up each week to help with the current Nonvoice portfolio as well as expanding on this with their regional app recommendations.

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    Nonvoice Agency launches venture capital fund to invest in 5G and AR start-ups
      |  02/01/2021

    Nonvoice, the world’s first agency dedicated to the 5G app market, announces today that it has launched its first venture capital fund, Nonvoice Ventures, to invest in start-ups with world-class innovative consumer and enterprise 5G and Augmented Reality (AR) apps.

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    Nonvoice takes on Mixed Reality app XO by Upside
      |  01/27/2021

    The Nonvoice agency, which specialises in representing world class 5G app developers, announces today that it has signed up the innovative XO Mixed Reality multiplayer game designed by digital innovation studio, Upside. The game is based on the basic principles of Tic-Tac-Toe (also known as Noughts and Crosses) and enables players to visualize their moves in 3D.

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    Nonvoice announces recent additions to 5G Agent Network
      |  01/19/2021

    January 19th 2021, Florida, USA – As the world’s first agency for 5G apps, Nonvoice is always on the lookout for key individuals and industry experts to join their agency network. With ambitious plans to have a Nonvoice agent in every country around the world, the agency is attracting a lot of interest from industry professionals wanting to get involved and join this unique opportunity.

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    US-based mobile guru Ville Penttila jumps on the Nonvoice bandwagon
      |  01/05/2021

    Since opening its doors in July 2020, Nonvoice Agency has seen immense growth and interest in its activities as the one and only agency dedicated to 5G apps. As previously reported, many telecommunications experts have signed up as Nonvoice agents...

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    TangibleXR adds Spatial Computing expertise to Nonvoice Agents
      |  12/14/2020

    Nonvoice Agency, the world’s first agency for 5G apps, announces today that it has strengthened its Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality expertise and its position within the European market with the signing of mobile communications heavyweights, Jesse Bijl and Thomas Vits from TangibleXR, as Nonvoice agents...

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    Nonvoice signs up Topio Networks as the first Enterprise app to join the agency
      |  12/09/2020

    Nonvoice, the world's first agency dedicated to 5G apps, announces today that it signed up Topio Networks and their Enterprise app, Topio Use Case Radar. By joining the agency, Topio Networks will have access to Nonvoice's global distribution channels to grow its unique product's success...

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    Top Augmented Reality App Leo AR joins Nonvoice Agency
      |  12/01/2020

    The world’s first 5G app agency, Nonvoice, announces today that it has signed the number one Augmented Reality (AR) app, Leo AR, to their quality stable of “best in class apps”. By signing up with the Nonvoice Agency, Leo AR will be able to increase their distribution via the Nonvoice global operator partnerships...

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    Nonvoice further expands its Agent Network to address 5G growth Opportunities
      |  11/13/2020

    The market for 5G apps and innovations is growing daily with mobile operators and telecommunications networks around the world wanting to ensure that they have options available to suit their customers’ wants and needs...

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    Nonvoice Agency scores a goal with the World League Live app by Proxy42
      |  11/04/2020

    Nonvoice is pleased to announce today the signing of new client, Proxy42, the first social Augmented Reality (AR) platform for casual and competitive mobile gaming. Nonvoice will be assisting with securing distribution and investment for their innovative new World League Live app...

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    Nonvoice Expands Agent Team to Address 5G Market Growth
      |  10/16/2020

    With new 5G launches and initiatives happening daily around the world, Nonvoice has added several more industry experts to its agent team. As the only agency dedicated to offering direct access to ‘Best in Class’ 5G apps, industry experts are flocking to the offer their expertise to the agency’s app developer clients...