Are you looking to invest in the best 5G consumer or enterprise application developers?

Are you a VC or private equity investor looking to invest in best-in-class new and established 5G consumer and enterprise application, service providers and developers?

Investors in Nonvoice benefit from early and in-depth access to apps and services of interest to them and in the specific product, category, size, scale and management team characteristics that they are looking for.

When developers are looking for incremental funding, Nonvoice investors have the chance to review apps within their target market on a ‘first look’ basis.

Nonvoice also provides a range of incremental material distribution and marketing opportunities for companies that investors have already invested in. This assistance helps them plug straight into our program and help them realize a return on existing investments.

Nonvoice advise fund managers and other investors on whether public or private company investments make sense for them through our deep knowledge and understanding of fundraising and running public companies in the Agency’s network.

5G applications on Nonvoice’s network are highly innovative and therefore sought after. By joining the network Investors have the chance to learn about latest developments in the market and opportunities for current and future applications ahead of other market players.

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