01 July 2021   |   by Victoria Tayler   |   News, Nonvoice

Nonvoice Agency fills gap in market with enterprise and business app services

July 1st 2021, Florida, USA – when the Nonvoice agency launched in July 2020, it was hailed as the world's first 5G app agency. The founder of the agency, mobile guru Simon Buckingham, originally expected the agency to focus on consumer app developers. Nonvoice does represent many award-winning and innovative consumer apps, but the agency has recently seen a gap in the market and is now branching out into enterprise and business apps services and platforms following increased demand from developers.

Consumer apps have always been seen as more important in the telecoms industry as they provide the sticky content that keeps customers loyal to their mobile operator and encourage them to download more services. However, it is actually enterprise and business apps that will make the transition to 5G easier for operators. By helping both consumer and enterprise app developers, Nonvoice will be benefiting the whole 5G ecosystem and by default all mobile phone users.

“Anyone who works in the telecoms industry knows that it is constantly changing and evolving as new technologies become available. That is part of the fun of working in this industry. It’s not surprising then that what I originally set out to do has evolved in less than 12 months. We are excited by this new direction and myself and my fellow agents look forward to where the next journey takes us as the possibilities for the 5G market at present seem endless,” explains Founder and CEO, Simon Buckingham.

Nonvoice has placed particular emphasis on retail apps following the ongoing acceleration in the areas of digitalization. Some of the particularly innovative services that they have signed up recently include the digital blockchain shopping coupons from GTF Exchange (formerly Greenfence Consumer); the virtual reality mobile shopping service through VYRCH XR by MondoDX and the impressive video chat technology from ConferWith that enhances the mobile shopping experience.

Another area that Nonvoice is also expanding into is sustainability and the environment with the inclusion of apps such as Spectral DSP and PowerMarket that actively help to reduce the power and energy consumption from 5G networks. With other industries ramping up their focus on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), Nonvoice expects more apps such as these to start appearing on the market.

The enterprise and business apps that Nonvoice represents are subject to the same strict criteria as consumer apps to ensure that the agency retains its position of having “Best in Class” apps that have been fully vetted. There are many ways for companies to gain access to these new enterprise and business apps: distributors can license any of the apps from Nonvoice for use within their own businesses; or they can be added to their company’s existing enterprise solutions catalog and make them available to corporate customers. The current range of apps can be viewed here: https://www.nonvoice.com/extended-showcase/enterprise-apps

Nonvoice News

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    Celcom introduces metaverse with augmented reality services
      |  06/09/2022

    Celcom Axiata Berhad (Celcom) in partnership with Nonvoice launches the best augmented reality (AR) content, Nonvoice Metaverse for all Celcom subscribers, enabling customers to immerse themselves with the latest digital experience and lifestyle.

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    Nonvoice and Born2Global Centre Sign MoU to distribute Innovative 5G and Metaverse Applications Globally.
      |  05/26/2022

    Nonvoice and Born2Global Centre announced today that they have signed an Memorandum of Understanding to distribute Innovative 5G and Metaverse Applications globally. Nonvoice Agency is an agency that represents the world’s best app developers and operates the Nonvoice Metaverse service in partnership with telcos globally. Born2Global Centre represents innovative app developers from the Republic of Korea who wish to market and promote and monetize their innovative and unique apps globally. Born2Global Centre represented app developers will be able to add their applications to the Nonvoice Metaverse.

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    Game X Change announces a Partnership with the world's first 5G App and Metaverse Agency, Nonvoice.
      |  05/25/2022

    How will the partnership work? By teaming up with Nonvoice, Game X Change increases its global reach and opportunity. Both Nonvoice and Game X Change will focus on capturing a global audience by combining the innovation of 5G and blockchain technology - marking the first of its kind. Game X Change will make it possible for Telecom companies, AR, or 5G projects to seamlessly enter the blockchain space by utilizing Game X Change’s suite of Web3 tools.