14 July 2021   |   by Victoria Tayler   |   News, Nonvoice

Latest Nonvoice signing has big plans to install solar panels on 5G network towers


July 14th 2021, Florida, USA – Nonvoice, the world’s first 5G app agency, announces the signing today of its newest client, PowerMarket who has developed a turn-key solar asset management platform that allows 5G network operators to fully control the process of solar power management that will save them up to 90% of their time and resources.

The PowerMarket solar asset management platform can help telecommunications and 5G infrastructure companies save an estimated $200 Billion on their electricity consumption by 2025. Currently 5G towers consume two to three times more electricity than other network towers, however, companies can save up to 40% of their electricity consumption by installing solar panels. Previously, the process of planning, execution and maintenance of solar panels on network towers was complex, expensive and time consuming and often spread across fragmented software solutions. PowerMarket’s platform reduces these issues by providing:

• Development of a data driven solar strategy using satellite data and deep learning.
• End to end management of solar projects on a centralised platform.
• A smart, centralised and digital maintenance of all your solar projects from one location.

“Electricity is the second biggest cost for 5G companies, and our team have been working on providing a solution to this problem. Solar panels on network towers have been more hassle than it was worth for operators due them being time consuming, complex and expensive but PowerMarket solar asset management platform overcomes these negatives,” explains PowerMarket CEO and Founder, Abhinav Jain.

“We are excited to have attracted another exciting enterprise solution to our agency. These apps and platforms are imperative to the success of the 5G ecosystem including the many consumer apps that we also represent. We look forward to introducing the PowerMarket’s solar asset management platform to our network of telecommunications providers around the world,” added Simon Buckingham, founder and CEO of Nonvoice Agency.

About Nonvoice Agency

Nonvoice Agency is a network of agents searching for the best advanced consumer and enterprise 5G apps from around the world. The agency connects app developers with distributors and investors who then help accelerate the adoption and deployment of their application. Nonvoice Agency provides an ecosystem of key parties dedicated to the 5G value chain and the future benefits that these services will bring to the world.

About Powermarket

PowerMarket is a UK-based B2B, SaaS platform that offers turn-key solar asset management to organisations for whom the development of a fleet of solar panels is strategic, but not a core competency. PowerMarket brings together services that make it easy to site, build, monitor and maintain a series of solar assets - a process which has historically been time consuming and expensive, with tools that are fragmented and aimed at technical experts. Services in PowerMarket’s integrated offering include: AI-enhanced identification of site locations; solar specific construction project management; and the monitoring and maintenance of the asset base. PowerMarket de-risks, simplifies and centralises the process from start to finish while also significantly reducing labour costs, thereby increasing customer ROI. http://powermarket.ai/

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