19 October 2021   |   by Victoria Tayler   |   News, Nonvoice

Launch of True 5G Innovation Cloud AR with Nonvoice Alive in Thailand

True 5G evolved to another step with the first most completed gathering of virtual 5G applications to accommodate all lifestyles
With a collaboration with Nonvoice Alive from America to jointly launch

“True 5G Innovation Cloud AR with Nonvoice Alive”

The only largest center of world-class 5G AR Application in Thailand
Valuable for True customers with 7-day free trial on every application, ready to have fun without any interruption, starting November 1st.

True Nonvoice Alive

Bangkok October 19th, 2021 – To emphasize on its position as the real faster and stronger network... True 5G move up another step by collaborating with leading international alliance Nonvoice Alive, the virtual 5G application and AR technology service provider, the first and only one from the US, opening an advanced experience "True 5G Innovation Cloud AR with Nonvoice alive" http://press.nonvoice.com a center of world-class 5G AR Application to serve customers in the digital era, the very first time in Thailand to experience the virtual world to accommodate all lifestyle with both educational and entertainment applications, having fun with AR game, exciting E-sports competition as well as platform of digital collectible items that is popular among investors in the social world, On November 1st, starting with 9 hottest applications including Reality Crash, World League Live, SCOOAAR, DRUNKAAR, Dragon Awakening, Gizer, Learn AR, Leo AR and GFT. Privilege for True customers with 7-day free trial on every application and access to Non Stop fun by simply applying for a weekly membership at 29 baht per week and 99 baht per month. For more information, visit https://global.nonvoice.com

Mr. Piroon Paireepairit, Head of 5G Working Group, True Corporation Plc, said that “With the determination of True 5G that wants to continue delivering a beyond experiences for Thai consumers in the digital era, we recently brought the potential of True 5G that is faster, stronger and most completed coverage nationwide, and collaborated with 5G Nonvoice Alive, the leading world-class virtual 5G and AR application service provider from the US to create "True 5G Innovation Cloud AR with Nonvoice Alive'', the first and only world-class center of 5G AR application in Thailand for people in the digital era to experience the virtual world, covering all demands from application to educate Thai youth while serve all gamers to have fun with various selections of games on mobile phone such as FPS (First Person Shooter) or AR Sport Game. They could also compete in E-sports format and please investors in the social world to collect unlimited digital assets. On November 1st, 9 most popular applications were selected with each own outstanding distinguished features whether on Social Gaming that could connect 7 people to play at the same time and able to Streaming via social networks like Facebook, YouTube and chat while playing. Moreover, they maintain the Active Augmented Reality that allows gamers to move and freely interact between the virtual world and the real world along with Innovative Augmented Reality that uses blockchain technology to create E-sports game platform, allowing gamers to hold their own competition".

Simon Buckingham CEO Nonvoice Group said that “Nonvoice is a start-up company from the US and is the only one in the world that provide Application 5G and AR (Augmented Reality) or virtual technology by centering all leading global application developers, connect with application developers, create and provide Application 5G AR platform under the"Local to Global" concept with the ultimate goal to promote and provide opportunities for application developers with new innovations and provide solutions via marketing program of Nonvoice Agency, Nonvoice Ventures, Nonvoice Alive and AdCoop. I am excited and it is a very amazing opportunity to collaborate with True 5G as True has a complete varied and lively content strategy from entertainment, sports with strong and complete coverage in Thailand. Therefore, the launch of this AR cloud application that True 5G has joined with Nonvoice Alive is considered the first in the world as it is an unprecedented service and Nonvoice Alive has not been an alliance with any other telecommunication provider. We really hope that this collaboration would allow True customers to experience the best 5G AR application usage on the best True 5G network.”

The 9 applications consisted of

Reality Crash - Advanced shooting game! With fun PVP mode that brings a virtual battlefield to you under AR format.

World League Live - Football game that connects all players worldwide under AR format.

SCOOAAR - Air Hockey model game under Active AR format, fun under Immersive Experience format.

DRUNKAAR - basketball game under Immersive Experience format.

Dragon Awakening - Fun with a mission to protect the Dragon place under AR format.

Gizer - Platform to hold E-sports game with blockchain technology.

Learn AR - Strengthening vocabularies for children under AR technology.

Leo AR - Promoting imagination and developing education for children through taking pictures under AR Technology.

The GFT Exchange - An authentic digital collectible marketplace.

Exclusive for True customers, get special privileges to play on all applications of "True 5G Innovation Cloud AR with Nonvoice Alive'' with 7-day free-trial and non-interrupted fun. Apply for membership for only 29 baht per week and 99 baht per month, service starting from November 1st. Those interested in the service click http://press.nonvoice.com or for more information visit https://5g.truemoveh.com

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