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World First - Telecommunications service provider launches inaugural Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Service

November 4th 2021, Florida, USA – Nonvoice, the leading global 5G app and enterprise agency, announces the world’s first launch of a Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) service as part of the “True 5G Innovation Cloud AR service with Nonvoice Alive” in Thailand. The NFTs are branded as Authentic Digital Collectibles (ADC) and have been developed and distributed in a partnership between Nonvoice and The GFT Exchange.

Mobile phone subscribers in Thailand that sign-up to the “True 5G Innovation Cloud AR service” from 1 November receives a 7-day free trial of the Nonvoice Alive portal and an automatic ADC to say thank you for trying out the service. Then, for every week that the subscriber remains with the Nonvoice Alive service, they will receive an NFT that is delivered automatically to their NFT wallet which is attached to their mobile phone number.

The Nonvoice Alive service and The GFT Exchange will distribute premium branded intellectual collectible NFTs from global movie studio content and local and international sports to established and up and coming NFT artists that are currently dominating the global NFT marketplace. These ADCs can be collected and are also transferable from one in-country mobile phone number to another at no charge. The service will also shortly enable owners to trade their NFTs to other NFT owners.

According to Nonvoice agent, Martin Gaiss, “An NFT is like a baseball trading card, or an autographed poster, or any kind of keepsake, but in digital form. So, let's say sometimes you are not sure if that baseball trading card or the autograph on the football shoe is authentic, or not. Or if that Poster was really signed by Tom Cruise--unless you stood next to him when he signed it. You need someone to authenticate the item in question to make sure it's original. Otherwise, there is always a bit of a doubt.”

An NFT is an indelible record that is officially recorded on a public ledger. We work with IP providers and other systems to confirm that the NFT is authentic so when collectors receive the asset, they are guaranteed that it is a legitimate NFT from the original IP owner. This also allows IP owners to manage the assets through a secure ledger and receive transactional revenue beyond the first sale, in perpetuity.

The NFT space has been dominated by technologists and high net worth individuals. With the Telco distribution model, Nonvoice and The GFT Exchange have developed, NFTs can now be collected, traded and soon to be sold by the masses, worldwide. “We are democratizing the NFT world by allowing people around the planet to all be able to collect and manage NFTs from their mobile handset without the need to understand blockchain and crypto” says Jonas Hudson, co-founder of the GFT Exchange.

NFTs are a way for brands to expand their reach and offer new promotional items to potential customers as part of product launches and other promotional campaigns. Utilizing the NFT market provides another opportunity for telecommunications operators and brands to market themselves together for the benefit of mobile phone subscribers. Just as they have done previously with content such as mobile wallpapers and mobile ringtones.

About Nonvoice Agency

Nonvoice Agency is a network of agents searching for the best advanced consumer and enterprise 5G apps from around the world. The agency connects app developers with distributors and investors who then help accelerate the adoption and deployment of their application. Nonvoice Agency provides an ecosystem of key parties dedicated to the 5G value chain and the future benefits that these services will bring to the world.

Founder, Simon Buckingham, is available for expert commentary on 5G applications.

About The GFT Exchange

The GFT Exchange is a mobile fintech and martech company that launched The GFT Exchange, a marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital assets utilizing blockchain technology. Through a “load to phone number” proprietary technology, people worldwide can transfer and receive value through their phone number.

For more information visit: gft.exchange

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