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Nonvoice Metaverse Reaches 300 Million Consumers


16th December 2022

Nonvoice Agency announces today that its Nonvoice Metaverse has reached a potential addressable audience of 300 million people.

The distribution reach achieved thus far stretches across primarily the continents of Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America.

Nonvoice has partnered with more than a dozen mobile telecommunications company around the world to launch its Metaverse service.

Consumers can be billed through the telco’s billing capability and can download more than a dozen Augmented Reality (AR) games and apps as well as mobile first NFTs as part of the “all you can eat” unlimited subscription service.

More telco partnerships are in the pipeline to be signed during 2023 which is shaping up to be an important year for both Augmented Reality and 5G with the launch of more AR glasses and the continued launches and roll out of 5G in many markets and telcos around the world.

Simon Buckingham, commenting, said: “The Nonvoice Metaverse is the most popular and widespread mobile metaverse and NFT platform in the world. We are delighted to have created such a powerful and unique proposition. We expect to build the reach to more than a billion consumers steadily over the course of 2023 and beyond”.

The Nonvoice Metaverse platform enables app developers and content creators have a unique ability to market and monetize their content globally through our global mobile distribution platform. Mobile telcos can access all of the great existing and forthcoming content and innovation through one simple billing integration.

About Nonvoice Agency

Founded in 2020, Nonvoice is a global agency that represents the world’s best app developers. The Nonvoice Metaverse connects app developers with distributors and investors who then help accelerate the adoption and deployment of their applications. Nonvoice provides an ecosystem of key parties dedicated to the 5G value chain and the future benefits that these services will bring to the world. This partnership will bridge the gap between web2 game and AR developers that are looking to come into the blockchain space. Nonvoice has integrated and aggregated over 15 consumer apps and experiences for launch across AR games and experiences, education, NFTs/ digital collectibles and sports across the Metaverse. This includes expansive teams and Telecoms from around the world who are looking to jump into Web3.

Founder, Simon Buckingham, is available for expert commentary on 5G applications.

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