26 August 2020   |   by Victoria Tayler   |   News, Nonvoice

Nonvoice Agency adds Creitive to growing stable of Innovative Solution Providers

August 26th 2020, New York, USA – the world’s first 5G app agency, Nonvoice, announces today that Creitive, the digital innovation company, has joined the agency. Creitive are at the forefront of digital payments that are expected to be the next wave in the digitization of banking. The team of agents at Nonvoice will be helping Creitive with introductions to financial institutions and telecommunications operators that can benefit from Creitive Enterprise Innovation Programs such as 5G, digital payments and sustainability.

There are many challenges to overcome in the world of digital payments. These include: complex processes to integrate payment schemes with credit card companies; each region being unique and requiring different options to suit the needs of their users; trust and security concerns over using a ‘digital’ payment and; safety concerns and misconceptions around digital wallets. Creitive has established an ecosystem of partners that turns these challenges into an opportunity.

In addition to enabling digital payments, Creitive Digital Wallet enables users to earn reward points on each transaction that can be easily redeemed in the Rewards marketplace. The marketplace is a fully curated offering of specific rewards tailored to each user based on their known preferences. The rewards system helps to build loyalty amongst each individual region and their customer base.

“We created Creitive Enterprise Innovation Programs to offer a full end-to-end experience that evolves our customers’ business whilst also fulfilling their needs. That’s what makes our programs truly innovative,” says CEO of Creitive, Veljko Vasic.

“We look forward to sharing the Creitive Programs with our vast network of financial institutions and telecommunications operators with the hope that it will assist them in successfully rolling out innovative digital projects,” added Nonvoice Founder and CEO, Simon Buckingham.

Creitive joins other clients of Nonvoice agency such as GIZER, the competitive gaming infrastructure that make games social with feature rich gameplay; StatementGames Inc, the social gaming and MarTech platform; PLOTAVERSE, the suite of dynamic photography solutions designed to help content creators and brands/marketers make engaging special effects and animations for stills and video and; Bookful, the reading app for children that turns screen time into productive learning time.

About Nonvoice Agency

Nonvoice Agency is a network of agents searching for the best advanced consumer and enterprise 5G apps from around the world. The agency connects app developers with distributors and investors who then help accelerate the adoption and deployment of their application. Nonvoice Agency provides an ecosystem of key parties dedicated to the 5G value chain and the future benefits that these services will bring to the world.

Founder, Simon Buckingham, is available for expert commentary on 5G applications.

About Creitive

Creitive is an innovation agency that leads the way in digital transformation. Their team is international, interdisciplinary, and agile; allowing them to be a nimble, cross-functional catalyst that helps their clients evolve. A wide range of expertise enables them to provide each client with a tailor-made offering that is based on global trends, the local industry landscape, business objectives and specific user needs.

For more information visit: www.creitive.com

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