09 March 2021   |   by Victoria Tayler   |   News, Nonvoice

Nonvoice Agency Launches 5G and AR Innovation Showcases

March 9th 2021, Florida, USA – To accelerate the deployment and development of the 5G ecosystem, Nonvoice Agency, the world’s first agency for 5G apps, today announces the launch of the Nonvoice Innovation Showcases. The showcases are currently divided into four key areas: AR Games, 5G and Esports, Enterprise Apps and Education Apps.

The Nonvoice Innovation Showcases feature the agencies “Best in Class” apps that will bring value and life to 5G customers. Partners such as telecommunication network operators, media organizations and digital wallet providers are partnering with Nonvoice to white label and promote the showcases to their consumers to preview the innovations possible with improved network infrastructure and devices. Partners can brand and customize the showcases in order to present the apps most of interest to their target audience.

Simon Buckingham, Founder and CEO of Nonvoice Agency explains: “Our Innovation Showcases are designed to get innovation more quickly to consumers and in the process, this also helps the entire ecosystem from app developers to distribution partners. We look forward to deploying customized version of the showcases to every region around the world”.

The Innovation Showcases currently feature the 35+ app developers that the Nonvoice Agency represents. These apps have been carefully selected from around the world based on the Nonvoice Agency’s strict criteria for inclusion in the agency and all highlight innovation in mobile technology. The showcases are hosted by the Nonvoice Agency and as new apps come on board they can be are added immediately.

About Nonvoice Agency

Nonvoice Agency is a network of agents searching for the best advanced consumer and enterprise 5G apps from around the world. The agency connects app developers with distributors and investors who then help accelerate the adoption and deployment of their application. Nonvoice Agency provides an ecosystem of key parties dedicated to the 5G value chain and the future benefits that these services will bring to the world.

Founder, Simon Buckingham, is available for expert commentary on 5G applications.

For more information on our team of agents visit:https://www.nonvoice.com/meet-the-agents

Nonvoice News

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    Virgin Mobile Kuwait becomes world’s first telco to launch in The Sandbox Metaverse
      |  05/18/2022

    Virgin Mobile Kuwait today announced its Metaverse programme to collaborate with Kuwaiti content creators on platforms including The Sandbox. The initiative is aimed at building digital literacy and capacity in Kuwait as the company cements its position as the market’s leading digital telco. In addition to The Sandbox, Virgin Mobile is collaborating with leading global digital content provider, Nonvoice LLC, which based out of the United States. The two parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to bring the latest innovations to Kuwait and the wider Middle East region.

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    Nonvoice Agency Simplifying the Adoption to Digital Assets – Interview with Simon Buckingham
      |  05/16/2022

    Simon Buckingham, CEO of Nonvoice Agency joins us at the FMI Midwinter Conference with Patricia Wu to talk about how they are democratizing access to the blockchain, NFTs, and Web3 by simplifying the deployment and adoption of digital assets.

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    Launch of the Nonvoice Metaverse
      |  02/09/2022

    Nonvoice, the global 5G app agency, is delighted to announce the global availability of its flagship Nonvoice Metaverse service globally. Nonvoice has evolved the brand identity for its flagship consumer 5G portal from Nonvoice Alive to Nonvoice Metaverse. A metaverse is defined as a space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users and obviously the 5G consumer portal with its AR games and experiences is such a space.