Digital Collectibles

Nonvoice Agency, the leading global 5G app agency, has launched Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) digital collectibles as part of its Nonvoice Metaverse service.

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An NFT is like a baseball trading card, or an autographed poster, or any kind of keepsake, but in digital form. An NFT is an indelible record that is officially recorded on a public blockchain ledger. Nonvoice works with Intellectual Property (IP) providers and other systems to confirm that the NFT is authentic so when collectors receive the asset, they are guaranteed that it is a legitimate NFT from the original IP owner. This also allows IP owners to manage the assets through a secure ledger and receive transactional revenue beyond the first sale, in perpetuity.

The Nonvoice NFTs were initially launched as part of the “True 5G Innovation Cloud AR service with Nonvoice Metaverse” in Thailand in November 2021. Mobile phone subscribers in Thailand that sign-up to the “True 5G Innovation Cloud AR service” receive an NFT as soon as they try the service and then every 7 days whilst they remain a subscriber.

The Nonvoice Metaverse service distributes premium branded intellectual collectible NFTs from global movie studio content and local and international sports to established and up and coming NFT artists that are currently dominating the global NFT marketplace. These NFTs can be collected and are also transferable from one in-country mobile phone number to another at no charge. The service will also shortly enable owners to trade their NFTs to other NFT owner as part of the Nonvoice Metaverse NFT Marketplace.

Utilizing the NFT marketplace provides another opportunity for telecommunications operators to market and monetize digital content both as a loyalty mechanism and revenue generator.

Click here to download the Nonvoice Metaverse NFT Marketplace portal overview.

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