About Us

Founded by mobile application specialist and serial entrepreneur, Simon Buckingham, Nonvoice is a bespoke agency dedicated to the very best world leading 5G applications. The agency provides key connections for application developers with investors, agents and global distribution channels with the direct aim of accelerating the adoption and deployment of innovative consumer and enterprise 5G apps.

Nonvoice is uniquely positioned to help, identify, fund and nurture the best 5G app ideas and to assist in bringing them to market in the shortest possible time and to users around the world. Nonvoice is able to offer clients an unrivalled distribution network spanning North America, South America, Asia, India, Africa, Middle East and Europe. The agency also has strong relationships with large Internet companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft and major local Internet companies in China.

Why work with us?



Everything we do is unbiased.


Data Driven

We back our opinions with data.



We have unique insight into what it takes for these services to succeed.



We have been researching new technology for decades.



We have truly global relationships in all corners of the world.